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4 Easy Steps to Start Studying English in Los Angeles

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

The best time to study English in Los Angeles is now and Adams College of English makes it easy to apply to our English language school in Koreatown.

Whether you are looking to improve your English grammar, succeed in the TOEFL iBT test, or speak English fluently, increase your confidence in your English language skills with Adams College of English.

Otherwise, continue reading below!

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Overseas Students and Change Of Status Students

1. Fill out an Application Form and Pay Enrollment Fees (non-refundable)

Please tell us a few basic information about yourself on the application form.

Our school also requires the following:

  • Application Processing Fee: $150

  • Processing Fee: $250 (Change of Status Only)

  • Express Mailing Fee: $100 (or free pick up directly from school)

2. E-mail your documents

  • Passport Copy: the front page

  • Bank Statement: $18,000 within the past 3 months and must be in US Dollars and English

  • Graduation Certificate: High School/College Diploma and must be in English

Please send these documents to

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3. Get your documents

When you have completed steps 1 and 2, we will mail your official I-20 document and our school's official Acceptance Letter.

(Optional: If you have someone that can pick up the documents from our school, they can get the documents for you.)

After you receive your I-20 and Acceptance Letter, please pay

the US Government fee (non-refundable):

SEVIS I-901 fee: $350

4. Visa interview

Now, it is time to make an appointment for your

VISA interview at a U.S.Embassy/Consulate.

This website will guide you through the appointment process

(There is a full translation on the top right)

We HIGHLY recommend that you work with a Visa specialist to prepare for your interview.

Before the interview, make sure to read our Visa Interview Guide.

It is filled with useful information that you can use to prepare.


And that's it!

Please keep us updated on your visa interview results.

Once you pass the visa interview, you can start planning on starting your new adventure in Los Angeles!

To learn more about the ESL classes that we teach at our English language school,

If you need any help, you can always email us

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