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"As a student who has changed a number of English schools in Los Angeles, I can strongly recommend Adams College of English to all students who desire to learn English and improve grammar and speaking skills."

-D. Tabagua

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"I had so much fun learning with Adams College.
Joseph’s lessons were very insightful and interactive, so thank you.
He is the
best TOEFL teacher ever...
I will absolutely recommended this school, because their curriculum's, and teachers’ skills are the best in LA."

-Bika G.

"I've been to quite a lot of esl schools, but I think this school is the best.
Teachers and all the classes are nice especially conversation class.

Highly recommend."


"This is probably the best school of English in Los Angeles!
They let me feel comfortable till from the first moment that I came in the school."

-G. Platano

"The best language school I've ever been!!!!!!!!!!
And the
TOEFL class is wonderful, because the teacher you get, you won't get anywhere else in LA."


Trusted quality English Language school in Los Angeles with English classes for an amazing low price!

5 minutes to start.

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ESL Courses

(Morning + Afternoon)

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