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Adams College of English Language school in Los Angeles rated high for this reason

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

Your dreams of studying English in America

starts with finding the right ESL language school.

There are many English schools in Koreatown, Los Angeles but it is so important to find an English school that helps you complete your goals!

Is Adams College of English the right school to learn English in Los Angeles for you?

Keep reading to find out more!


1. Connections with local Colleges in Los Angeles

You studied hard to learn English.

If your next step is to attend college, Adams College of English makes it easy!

In fact, Adams College of English has an Articulation Agreement with two local colleges in Los Angeles:

  • Santa Monica College

  • Los Angeles City College

That's right!

Adams College of English students who finish the Advanced ESL course or TOEFL iBT test preparation class (enroll and study in our class for at least 6 months) can be accepted to these colleges without a TOEFL score.

Having to take one less exam means LESS STRESS for you!

These colleges are confident in Adams College of English's ability to teach English to international students that students who graduate from Adams College of English has an easier time entering American University.

2. Lifelong friends and extraordinary memories

When we ask our students what they like best about Adams College of English, the majority answer is usually the same.


Adams College of English creates a warm environment that makes it easy for our students to talk to each other and work together.

Our amazing English language teachers are experts in teaching English in a fun and effective way to support student participation.

The result?

Learning English becomes FUN because students are learning together.

By learning English in Los Angeles together, the lessons in the text books become real and our students start to understand the English language and quicker.

But don't just take our word for it, read real reviews written by our students on GOOGLE and FACEBOOK.

Adams College of English has proven positive results when it comes to F1 international students learning English in Los Angeles.

3. Knowledgeable instructors and staff to help you plan

Whatever you want to do, we are here to help you.

If you are interested in eventually going to a 4-year American university, our instructors and staff will gladly work with you to make your goals a reality!

Our instructors have over 57 years combined experience with the American education system and are experts with the school process.

Adams College of English has helped many students

continue their education and we can help you!

Or maybe you want to experience more of Los Angeles

while learning English.

Don't worry.

The staff at Adams College of English has that covered too.

Tourists crossing street in Santa Monica beach

We have helped hundreds of students explore

Los Angeles while improving their English at the same time.

Los Angeles has something for everyone

and if you want to get the most from your experience,

just ask us!

Remember, Adams College of English has smaller class sizes.

This means more care and focus on each student.

4. Useful resources available to all our students

Adams College of English has 6 rooms, 20 computer in a computer lab

and a quiet conference room.

These are used to teach English ESL courses, English conversation classes and TOEFL iBT test prep to our international students.

But, when there is no class, you are free to use any of these rooms and computers!

Adams College of English understands that students need a quiet place to study or a spacious room to think.

This is why we opened up all our rooms, computers and printers for our students to use.

If you need to print important documents, just ask us!

We will make sure to get it printed for you.

Having computer problems at home but need to fill out an application fast?

Use one of our 20 computers to finish on time.


Adams College of English is committed

to helping our students succeed.

If you are ready to start learning English

in Los Angeles at an ESL school that cares

about your success, apply now!

more about our easy application procedure.

If you have any questions, you can always email us

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